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is a student of Computer Science
Ph.D student
I am currently applying for research positions. Visit my website at the University of Maryland for more information.
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Research: How do software teams and developers use static analysis tools to improve code quality and security in practice?

Static analysis evaluates software and flags silly mistakes, confusing code, bad practices and property violations. But developers are ultimately looking for incorrect behavior. In practice, organizations decide to heed some warnings and ignore others. My research is discovering what factors influence this judgement, identifying the bugs users care about, developing best practices, process and metrics, and helping to set the right expectations for static analysis tools. I learn from users through case studies, surveys and other ethnographic methods. I also investigate software artifacts by mining code repositories. Finally I am exploring new modes to enable users to express the bug patterns they would like to find with static analysis.

More: FindBugs | Research Statement

Selected Publications:

Ayewah and Pugh, "Using Checklists to Review Static Analysis Warnings", DEFECTS 2009 | doi

Ayewah et al., "Using Static Analysis to Find Bugs", IEEE Software, Sep 2008 | doi

Ayewah et al., "Evaluating Static Analysis Defect Warnings On Production Software", PASTE 2007 | doi

More: acm | dblp

Previous Work:

Unit testing small concurrent abstractions with MultithreadedTC | project page | google code | short paper (pdf)

Visualize the results of searching audio. For IBM Research | patent pending

Speech analysis and machine learning to identify spam voice messages. For Sipera Systems | patent pending

Interactive Visualization of proofs to verify a pipelined microprocessor | paper | Master's Thesis (pdf)